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Close up portrait of woman. Lash extensions. Brunette hair.
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Brunette woman with dark brown hair, white shirt, blue jeans, lash extensions, Calgary, buildings, walking


Oh hey its me !

My name is Yasmeen I’ve been in this lash game for 10 years now. This is my full time hustle, I work from my home based studio located in Cranston Calgary, Alberta.

I am so BLESSED to have three amazing men in my life, Sean my fiancée is both supportive and positive, the reasoning that keeps me in line, basically my 24 hour adult! Preston my first son a healthy, happy and supportive who is always cheering me on. Macklin our newest addition who is the joy of our lives! We have our puppies and a kitty to constantly keep us entertained. My clientele is like non other! These ladies are uplifting, loyal and so supportive without them I wouldn’t be where I am today!

Over the past year I have built amazing relationships with other lash artists and women in similar industries, these ladies truly uplifting and I am so GRATEFUL to have them by my side, together we stand for community over competition!

On the weekends you can find us exploring the outdoors hiking, biking are two of our favourite past times!


I’ve grown such a love for educating and training in eyelash extensions that I’m going to be offering more courses in the future. Watching the students succeed has been incredibly rewarding. My favourite part of any course has been watching them transition from an initial struggle of applying the first lashes, to getting that ‘aha’ moment when everything clicks and beautiful lashes are seamlessly applied. In that special moment, we’re proud of each other and of our success. Through these courses, we’re able to spread lash-love and are creating a boss-babe tribe of lash experts

Four women sitting on the concrete in a parking lot. Their back is against the wall and newspaper is covering their faces. All women are wearing high heels, it is sunny and warm weather.


Our industry is constantly evolving and with that I have produced my newest baby, the Lash Educators Course which is designed to help lash artists run their own Lash Academy! This course from start to finish sets educators up to successfully educate students from basic lash artistry to advanced mega volume!





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